Shakur Stevenson Is BORING! Cam’ron, Mase, Timothy Bradley Are Right!
Doggie Diamonds TVJuly 10, 202400:56:05

Shakur Stevenson Is BORING! Cam’ron, Mase, Timothy Bradley Are Right!

In this fiery podcast episode on Doggie Diamonds TV, host Doggie Diamonds takes on the controversial topic of Shakur Stevenson's fighting style. Cam’ron, Mase, and Timothy Bradley have all called Stevenson boring, and Doggie Diamonds weighs in on whether they’re right. Is Shakur Stevenson’s boxing style truly lacking excitement, or is there more to the story?

Join Doggie Diamonds as he delves into Stevenson's career, breaking down the critiques and defending the young boxer’s approach. This episode is packed with bold opinions, expert analysis, and the latest in boxing news. Don't miss this engaging and provocative discussion on Doggie Diamonds TV.

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